Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Tops Are Optional

In this heat and with the papers saying to brace ourselves for a very hot summer, I felt obliged to tell you about the beach attire here.  While you don't just stroll down every beach and see topless women,  tops can be optional.  I've taken a couple of visitors that I have picked up from the airport and have taken their weary selves to breakfast at Coogee Beach.  It's a long plane ride from anywhere so I also  welcome them to Australia with a visit to the beach before we go to our place.  On any given day and I've yet to disappoint yet, you'll stumble across ladies who thought it was too hot to wear a top.  Who can blame them, it's hot and one wants to get an even tan right?  There's a code for this amongst men.  While you're at the beach you may get asked if you saw any White Pointers.  That's not shark talk, that's the code for topless women.  But while you're out and if you see white pointers you don't look straight at them, it's like looking at The Sun.  It's just not done! But there's also a flip side to all of this.  Men, and often times OLD men wear their Dick Stickers (Speedo's) to the beach.  It's not pretty, it's not pretty at all.  And again you don't look.  You just don't look!