Thursday, 12 January 2017


Happy New Year and I'm Back!  I know you've missed me!! This is one of many blogs about beer.  To start though,  Aussies are passionate about their beer.  They're passionate about how a good draft beer is poured.  I never understood this until I actually moved here.  When we were living in Seattle, we had visitors for a few days and one of them told me when we were out on a ferry ride that we didn't know how to pour a beer.  He was complaining about how flat it was and how it had no head and that it was a 'plastic' glass.   I must admit that I took 'some' offense to it.  I didn't yet really understand the big deal.  I mean beer is beer right?  So what if it's in a plastic glass and if there's no head that means more beer to drink right?  And if it's flat, it must be easier to drink right? That's what I thought.  But lets face it.  Americans don't mind drinking beer from plastic party cups or out of a can.  Generally we don't keep it cold enough at a pub and bartenders don't really have a passion for or perhaps don't know how to pour a draft beer with a decent head on it.  Usually it comes out flat and it's not cold enough. On the other hand, Aussie beer is tailor made for a hot day and it's carbonated just right and bartenders take some pride with pouring a good beer.  When we visited The States last year it only reconfirmed this.  I know Americans are passionate about beer too but this is usually with boutique micro-beers, not a good Lager.  So when you visit Australia, go to a good old school Aussie Pub and order a Schooner (I'll tell you more about that later) of New and find out what I'm talking about.  Enjoy!