Wednesday, 7 December 2016

The Aussie Barbecue

Most men around the world are passionate about barbecuing.  However the Australian barbecue is a different experience altogether.  In the states men will convene around the barbecue but it is an unwritten rule that you don't touch someone else barbecue.  If you're attending a barbecue in the states and you're hanging out with the fellas around the barbecue, you're simply there for moral support.  You don't even make a suggestion to the host barbecuer around technique and so forth.  However in Australia the guys (blokes) are hovering around like vultures waiting for the lion to leave the carcass for their chance at the tongs.  If you leave for a split second, perhaps you forgot the salt and you put your tongs down they're in and you're basically relegated to the back of the line.  And Aussies all have their own way.  They can't leave things alone, they keep turning the sausages and tapping things and perhaps pour a little beer on a few items.  They'll move everything around and there is plenty of unsolicited advice from the peanut gallery.  It took me a while to get used to but hey, if someone wants to cook on my barbecue then great!  I'll just sit back and drink my beer and if it's not good, nobody can blame me!  HA!  Aussies will also throw everything but the kitchen sink on the Barbecue.  I myself have even cooked christmas bacon and eggs on our barbecue many times and will do so this year.  The Aussie barbecue is something special and by the way I've never heard anyone here say, "throw a shrimp on the barbie."  They're called Prawns not Shrimp..  But yes, prawns are done on the Barbecue as well.  Enjoy!