Monday, 6 March 2017


Aloha!  Greetings from Hawaii!  I felt compelled to write this blog after being here a few days.  Australians are passionate about their coffee and I once thought Americans were too.  However after living in Australia for 18 years and visiting The USA periodically I've come to the conclusion that on balance, Americans don't know what good coffee is.  Drip coffee is horrible and most people drink it like coloured water.  It is repulsive and the garbage they give you in hotel rooms could be classified as poison.  Then if you go to order a speciality coffee from a Starbucks or a Seattle, it's made with no love whatsoever.  I just ordered a Seattle's Best and it's simply not the best.  I found the same experience when we were in New York last year.  You can't make coffee like McDonald's cheeseburgers!  It can't be from an assembly line.  There is an art to making good coffee and you can actually taste the difference in Australia from person to person who makes your latte or whatever you have from the same coffee house.  Apparently there is an Australian coffee house near the Hard Rock Cafe here and they pride themselves on making real coffee.  I'm going to go check it out.  We found an Australian coffee house in Dallas last year and it was wonderful.  I'm thinking my experience with the Aussie coffee house in Wai Kiki  will be the same.